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Teleprompting Services

We provide professional teleprompting services for film and video shoots, conferences, speeches, and commercials.

Beyond scrolling Words

We make you look and sound good!

We do more than just scroll words on a screen.

We will format your script to make it easier to read on-stage. We will work with you on line breaks and font size so you can give your best speech performance.

Our measure of success is when one of our speakers walks off the stage or gets off camera knowing they've just given a great presentation.

Worldwide -
we mean it!

Have computers will travel. From San Francisco to New York, from Bermuda to Monaco.

We do everything from a one day commercial in San Francisco to a 16 cities in 22 days tour of the country.

Our Team

Each of our team members has a college degree in Communications, is an award-winning competitive speakers, and has over 30 years of experience in the video and film industry.

My resume contains jobs as a writer, camera op., talent and site management. But now nothing makes me happier than to work as a teleprompter helping people with what can be one of the most difficult tasks that they might do, speaking in public.



Worked with famous comedians, television and movie stars, and corporate executives.




Camera Mount

We have multiple systems that use special glass panels, so that your talent can read their script from right in front of the camera lens. I’ve had more than one client turn to me smiling “It’s like magic!”.

We also have both above and below lens systems that are preferred by other clients.

We’ve mounted our systems on tripods, dollies, jibs and even handheld.

DSMs (Down Stage Monitors)

Many speakers preferred to not be tied down to a lectern or podium. For them, having their presentation on a Down Stage Monitor (Flat Screen TV) helps them to stay on track and not forget critical information. The DSMs are provided by the venue or production company that is producing the event and come in many sizes.

When using DSMs We continue to provide the computers, specialized software and know-how that insures that our client’s presentations remain effortless to the public.

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We’ve got your back!